UniformGridRepresentation - Cells covered by 'nan' are transparent?

I have a 3D Uniform Grid .vtr file here as an example. When I import it into paraview, one of the cells has ‘nan’ data. In the Color Map Editor panel, I can set Nan Opacity to 0. However, this results in a ‘hole’ in my cube.

As can be seen, I can now see into my cube of data all the way to the other outside edge, even though the cube is filled with data blocks. How can I get Paraview to render the ‘inner’ elements of the cube? (ie, removal of a ‘nan’ would simply result in me now seeing the other faces of the adjacent cells)

Indeed, in “Surface” representation, you can only see the surface. A simple fix is to add a “Shrink” filter with a value of 1. It will convert to unstructured grid but you will be able to see everything.

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Pretty good fix! Thanks Mathieu!