Unique name requirement for nodesets and sidesets

It appears that in 5.10.0-RC1, it is now required that names are unique across nodesets and sidesets:

ERROR: Duplicate names detected.
       The name 'bottom' was found for both SideSet 0 and NodeSet 0.
       Names must be unique over all types in a finite element model.

Can someone please explain the rationality for this? Within MOOSE (GitHub - idaholab/moose: Multiphysics Object Oriented Simulation Environment) we rely significantly on consistency in naming between nodesets and sidesets.

Hi Logan,

This restriction comes from the IOSS library. You might want to inquire over at GitHub - gsjaardema/seacas: The Sandia Engineering Analysis Code Access System (SEACAS) is a suite of preprocessing, postprocessing, translation, and utility applications supporting finite element analysis software using the Exodus database file format..

Will do. Thanks for the quick response.

EDIT: See Unique name requirement for nodesets and sidesets · Issue #251 · gsjaardema/seacas · GitHub for the continued conversation.