Unstructured mesh netcdf file and z axis modification

Good morning,
I am studying oceanography using the CROCO model, so the output data are netcdf files. The coordinates used are (x,y,s) with s some “layers” following the topography (all the data are functions of s). So an actual z axis might be calculated depending on x,y and s.
When I try to post process the data using paraview, It reads the coordinate s as an actual z axis, so the layer s=1 (and all the following too) is completely horizontal, and I would like to have a visualisation that reflects the actual topography.
Does anyone have a tips to make it please?

After some researches, I think I could do it using whether the python calculator or a programmable filter.
In fact, I have a formula to convert the S-axis used by paraView into the z-axis I want to use, using (x,y,s) coordinates, datas contained in the netcdf (thus accesible into paraview I assume?) and a IF statement, because the real topography is just a circle with an inclined plane for R>R1 (it look likes a plate).
Do you think it is possible? Is the programmable filter or the python calculator more appropriate to modify an axis as I want to?
Thank you in advance for your assistance !

The python calculator can produce only fields, but you can use Calculator to produce coordinated results. The Calculator can use as its inputs data produced by the python calculator.
Or you can use the programmable filter.