Update boost in common-superbuild?

Hi all,
In working on CMB superbuild, we’ve discovered that boost 1.70+ is recommended for compiling with Visual Studio 2019. Can we update boost in the common-superbuild, which would affect ParaView ?
One of the motivations is that the win32/boost-no-junction-test.patch now fails with boost 1.70, and would need to be updated.

It will indeed impact ParaView, but feel free to update and fix the ParaView SB as needed, if at all. Hopefully, things go smoothly.

Thanks, I’ll give it a go!

I am looking at doing this update with Aron,
Is there a way in the CMake system to get the boost version to be used in order to figure out the correct bjam patch to use as the syntax has changes between versions?

Specifically the syntax for the no-junction patch on windows seems to have changed with 1.70

Not sure of a nice way to figure out which patch file to use since boost versions can be overridden.

I wonder if we could just try them both and use whichever one succeeded? I don’t know how to do this with cmake…

If Boost is found, Boost_VERSION_STRING should be defined. See the FindBoost.cmake docs for more.

The bjam patch command line is being built at configuration of the super build.
Boost has been downloaded, so it cannot be found.

I am looking to edit patch code in the projects/win32/boost.cmake file