Update coordinates range after extractBlock

I load in some data in Paraview and use ExtractBlock, then I do a Calculator on the coordinates:

r = sqrt(coordY^2 + coordZ^2)

Then I would expect the range of r (as shown in the ‘information’ tab) to be the range of the block I selected using ExtractBlock. This is not the case however, it shows the range of the whole dataset I’ve loaded.

Why is this and how do I get the range of ‘r’ of only the extracted block?

So, it turns out this is not general behavior. The multiBlock dataset comes from the cgnsReader. It has split the data in volume and surface elements and then further in volumetric domains and several surface boundaries. For some reason all surface points are associated with each surface boundary. So the surface boundaries only have unique cells, not unique points. That explains the problem.

Whether this is due to how the cgns is written or due to the cgnsReader is my next inquirery, but I expect the former.