Update VisIt Bridge?

Is it time to update the VisIt Bridge? Many of the readers in current ParaView are OLD…

As a side note, there’s an issue to better deal with ghost information in the VisIt bridge which the funding should come through for soon…

We’re based on VisIt as of r30784 (Apr 2017). Rebasing should now be much easier than before since our patches are actually split out. Sending most of them upstream probably be done as well.

Did we update all readers of the visit bridge? I was thinking that some of them were OLD.

I synchronized all VisIt code when that was done. If upstream hasn’t touched it, that’s what we get. You can see our import into Git here. I’ve pushed to trunk what they have on their server as of today. If there are readers you’re interested in that are newer on that branch, we can rebase.

How much time does it take to merge in the new visit readers? hours, days, weeks, or months?

At least hours, but unlikely weeks. Depends on how bad conflicts are and how much upstream has changed their buildsystem in the last 20 months.