Uploading/Reading .gif image file to Paraview

Hi all,
I want to upload and process the .gif formatted image.
I think a ParaView has no a .gif reader, is there any mechanism to read for it?

Hi, I would think you could use something like ImageMagick to convert to a png? Then load into ParaView.
If you need to do it a lot or quickly, perhaps a python programmable source, I presume there are gif manipulation libraries in python that would allow you to get numpy arrays from gifs that can be converted to vtk using vtk.util.numpy_support
make a compelling argument to the ParaView community that they should support gifs as a data format.

Implement a vtkGIFReader, add it to VTK and expose it in ParaView :grinning:

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I need to transfer the 3D image to the ParaView rather than 2D. The .PNG gives me the 2D.

Let me improve my question…now I need to transfer the .fig (matlab figure ) data to the ParaView. How can I do that?

There is no .mat or .fig read in VTK/ParaView. One have to study the format and add such a reader.

@Mathieu…Ohhh…the developers need to add such important reader. Even I need it for my work.

Of course, you may want to reach out to Kitware then: https://www.kitware.eu/

Thanks, I did and waiting for their humble response.

Hello Kokeb Dese,
The free software “ImageJ or Fiji” have the formatting to take anything, including GIF format and convert it to anything else. It is free and you will find it useful in many other ways also.
Just saying.
Bob Smith