Use GLSL Shader in ParaView

I have been attempting to utilize GLSL shaders in ParaView.

I have researched and seen the shader replacement feature but am confused about if it is only able to replace preset portions of the default shader code and which portions need to be replaced when.

I have also seen word of wrapping the shader in VTK and have attempted that using the knowledge gained online in combination with some help from ChatGPT.

I have other shaders that I am also hoping to use in Paraview. Ideally, I am hoping to develop a sort of frame so that I can then swap the various portions of shader code out as needed.
dummy.vert (207 Bytes)
sphere.frag (9.7 KB)
sphere.geom (2.7 KB)

Neither of these strategies have produced a successful shader use visual in Paraview. When attempting to import the VTK wrapped shader I get many errors regarding unsupported point + cell attributes.

I have included the Vertex, Fragment, and Geometry shaders that I am hoping to have work in Paraview along with my current attempt at the VTK wrap. The curent VTK wrap just has very simple shaders as place-holders to test if it is working.

Any help or input would be appreciated :slight_smile:
myGlsl02.vtk (639 Bytes)