User Error! Scratch this note: ParaView Glance issues in 5.8-RC2

Hey again everyone,

Okay, so starting a new thread with the issues I’ve encountered while using the brand new version of ParaView/Glance (5.8-RC2). Most of the background for this is in the thread: Customizing ParaView Glance interface

  1. It seems as though ParaView crashes when I export to .vtkjs a pipeline that has a CVS Reader source followed by a “TableToPoints” filter. The CSV Reader alone isn’t an issue (I tested that separately). And one thing that’s disconcerting here is that in RC1, instead of crashing, messages were going to the output when there was an export problem. [This was working with RC1 and the modified “” file.]

  2. Even with a successful export to .vtkjs (ie. by removing the troublesome filters), the filter names from the pipeline are not transferred to the Glance viewer. Instead we just get a sequence of numbers (“1”, “2” – you know). This is what I saw when ParaView didn’t complete the .vtkjs process in RC1, but now it’s getting them wrong even when it does seem to be successfully outputting the .vtkjs file.

  3. The texture map still isn’t working – as per yesterday’s discussion it was sounding like this might be ready to work, so maybe I’m doing something wrong – happy to do a test. BTW, I tested with a JPEG texture map (was testing with TIFF’s yesterday).

  4. Something I discovered today – when overwritting an existing .vtkjs file during the export, the operation fails because ParaView is trying to create a directory where a file exists. I.e. the file needs to be deleted first, and then a new directory created.

ParaView also crashed a few other times on me, when just doing normal ParaView stuff, but that’s not a topic for the web support discourse area – and I don’t know that I have that isolated anyway.

The good news is that I see that the view split icons now split in the correct direction (whereas they were reversed in RC1), and also I figured out how to go straight to my glance data in a browser – was user error.


Hey again everyone,

I edited the subject name for this topic to reflect the fact that there was a serious user error that caused all my woes – I was actually running version 5.7-RC2, not 5.8!

Well, with one exception - #4 is still true, you can’t overwrite an existing .vtkjs file.