userGuide Help (vtkProcessID Warning)

Just a quick Question, I have just started in learning Paraview and i have run into an issue with the UserGuide…

I am to the point where it is starting to run through the Parallel processing and

From the UserGuide

from paraview.simple import *
sphere = Sphere()
rep = Show()
ColorBy(rep, (“POINTS”, “vtkProcessId”))

When i try to run the script mpexec -np 4 pvbatch it throws the Warning

Warning: In /home/andrewv/OpenFoam/ThirdParty-7/ParaView-5.6.0/ParaViewCore/ServerManager/Rendering/vtkSMPVRepresentationProxy.cxx, line 277
vtkSMPVRepresentationProxy (0x7fffc4928a30): Could not determine array range.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for the vtkProcessId to work like it should in the UserGuide?

I’m on Ubuntu 20 and have installed OpenFoam/Paraview from the ubuntu pre-compiled (apt-get install)


Even though there is a warning, the output seems to be fine on my side. Is that the case for you ?

It generated the sphere and outputed the PNG but it doesn’t have the color added to the sphere…

I found another person with a similar issue with the guide and the solution was to changed from vtkprocessid to processid…

if i watch the paraview when i run the script, in the color selection it shows up as vtkProcessId (?) added into the drop down