Using calculator filter to generate multiple data arrays

Hi All,

I am using ParaView 5.6.2 and have this velocity vector data (PIVlab.vtk) set that I transform into a gradient using Gradient of Unstructured Dataset. My goal is to then use the scalar values of the gradient in two different formulas to calculate “result 1” and “result 2.” However, once I calculate “result 1” in the calculator and then calculate “result 2”, then the previous result (result 1) disappears and I cannot retrieve it’s data array to graph/render view. It will initially show up in the graph as “result 1(?)” and then disappear completely later. Note: even without the gradient step I cannot seem to retrieve two calculations. Is there a way around this?

I have attached here a sample .vtk file and a video showing my process. In the video you can’t see my pull down menu, but you can see where result 1 has "(?) " attached.

Thank you.

You need to add a second calculator filter instead of changing the name.