Using different dataset for coloring of glyphs

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I currently of dataset containing the flow field of a fluid and the temperature, in tow different pvd-files. I would like to create a glyph plot, where the glyphs are orientated in the direction of the current, scale with the velocity of the fluid and are colored representing the temperature.
The orientation and scaling is easily done, but I can’t find a way to use the temperature data as the color for the glyph arrows. Is this possible in ParaView? Maybe with a filter like “Group Datasets”?

I would appreciate any tips and help. I also uploaded some exemplary data.

temp000000.vtu (1.4 MB)
temp.pvd (166 Bytes)
flow000000.vtu (1.7 MB)
flow.pvd (166 Bytes)

Welcome to the ParaView community, @Tom.

If your datasets have the same number of points and cells and they are all in the same locations, you can use the Append Attributes filter to combine the data arrays in the different files. If they don’t have the same points/cells, you can use Resample With Data Set. See Visualization of data using Paraview for a similar question.

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Thanks, this is exactly what I need!