Using FidesReader on Windows

Hello everyone! I have a student who is running Paraview on Windows and needs to use a FidesReader. From the documentation it seems to me that he needs to manually compile ADIOS2 in order to be able to use the FidesReader. Is this the only way or is there an easier solution?

Thanks in advance for any help!

The ParaView packages on the website have ADIOS2 at least; they should have Fides as well if that’s the case.

That’s what I thought too but the filter doesn’t show up in the list. The VTX filter is available :thinking:

Could it be MPI/Non MPI issue? Are you using Windows binaries without MPI?

It could be, I don’t remember if we tried that. Is the MPI version supposed to have the Fides reader built-in? If that is the case, I’ll find a way to make it work.

I’m in front of the machie right now. We are using the MPI version of Paraview but the Fides reader isn’t available. It doesn’t even show up in the list in the Settings->IO tab. What else can we try?

cc: @caitlin.ross , any suggestions?

I can tell you what I did as a temporary patch for the problem: I compiled Paraview on the cluster’s login node and instructed the student on how to run pvserver remotely, make an SSH tunnel and connect to the server from his machine. I still have no confirmation that this works [it should!] but I am still interested in an easier solution if there is one.

I checked the superbuild settings and it looks like Fides is only enabled for Linux and Mac, so that’s why the reader isn’t available in the Windows binaries.

@ben.boeckel Not sure why we didn’t enable it for Windows. I guess because Fides isn’t tested in CI on Windows (in it’s own CI or VTK/ParaView), though it seems that’s also the case for Mac yet we have it in the mac binaries. I can go ahead and turn it on for Windows. Should we be testing it in CI for Windows and Mac?

Fides itself? It can only help find issues sooner. Getting ADIOS2 into macOS and Windows CI for VTK/ParaView to test it as part of their CI runs would be a good stretch goal too.

@caitlin.ross did you eventually enable it?

I will soon. I wanted to get CI testing on Windows for Fides in ParaView before enabling it, since I’ve never personally used Fides on Windows. I’ve got a PR in progress on that, waiting on tests to finish and review.