Using Fluent Files in Paraview

I have a case- data ANSYS-Fluent file and I would to use Para View for visualisation purposes. I would like to visualize streamwise vorticity distributions but I’m not sure how to go about it.

Your file is named .h5, you want to name it .cas.h5 so that Fluent CFF reader detected it.

But the Fluent CFF reader does not seem to like it:

ERROR: In vtkFLUENTCFFReader.cxx, line 407
vtkFLUENTCFFReader (0x8996d80): The file /home/glow/data/tmp/case+data.cas.h5 is not a CFF Fluent file.

ERROR: In vtkFLUENTCFFReader.cxx, line 326
vtkFLUENTCFFReader (0x8996d80): Unable to open case file.

Can you save it in two separate files ?

As in a sperate case and data file right ?


The names should be the same (eg foo.cas.h5 and foo.dat.h5) but then it works great with ParaView 5.12.0 :

Working great in ParaView 5.12.0!

how do i go about loading both these files in paraview and how can i visualise vorticity in this manner …

File → Open → para.cas.h5 → select FluentCFFReader → Apply

how can i visualise vorticity in this manner

I have no idea what I’m seeing, you have access to the folowing fields:

is there any way I can use a plane to cut the object halfway thru in ParaView?

Yes, Filters → Slice

You may want to read the tutorial though:

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