using NVIDIA device of a server in clinet-server mode


I would like to connect from my macbook to ubuntu server having NVIDIA graphic card. But I met two problems:

First, I couldn’t use “OptiX pathtracer” when I connected to ubuntu server.

Second, I couldn’t use “IndeX plugin”:

The error messages were

gwangjin@algo00:~$ pvserver -display :1
Waiting for client…
Connection URL: cs://algo00:11111
Accepting connection(s): algo00:11111
Client connected.
By loading the ‘pvNVIDIAIndeX’ plugin you have accepted the EULA shipped with it.
If that is not acceptable, please restart the application without loading
the ‘pvNVIDIAIndeX’ plugin.
nvindex: 0.0 PVPLN main info : NVIDIA IndeX ParaView plugin 5.9.1 using NVIDIA IndeX library 2.2 (build 329100.8100.8050, 28 Apr 2021, linux-x86-64-gcc4).
( 166.953s) [pvserver ]vtkSocketCommunicator.c:781 ERR| vtkSocketCommunicator (0x2814b80): Could not receive tag. 1
( 166.953s) [pvserver ]vtkTCPNetworkAccessMana:297 ERR| vtkTCPNetworkAccessManager (0x1763aa0): Some error in socket processing.

Is it impossible to use NVIDIA graphic card of (ubuntu) server in clinet-server mode?

Thank you.

Optix and Index are two completelly different components, which one are you trying to use ?

Is it impossible to use NVIDIA graphic card of (ubuntu) server in client-server mode?

It is possible, you are using your NVIDIA graphic card when using remote rendering.

I am trying to use both OptiX and IndeX. But I can’t use anything of them when using remote rendering.

Regarding OptiX pathtracer, there wasn’t the option “OptiX pathtracer” in (left) Properties panel of mac client. For reference, my macbook has no NVIDIA graphic driver.

  1. connect from mac to server
  2. check on “Eable Ray Tracing” in (left) Properties panel
  3. Is there “OptiX pathtracer” in Back End? (I can’t find.)

And regarding IndeX, although I activated pvNVIDIAIndeX in Plugin Manager, when I tried to represent volume with IndeX, I found no “NVIDIA IndeX”.

  1. connect from mac to server
  2. Load pvNVIDIAIndeX of remote plugins in Plugin Manager
  3. Source > add FastUniformGrid
  4. Select X filed.
  5. Is there “NVIDIA IndeX” in Representaion (I can’t find.)

I’m afraid you need to have Optix and NvidiaIndex enabled on your client to be able to use them, and I do not think this is the case for your MacOS binary release.

@utkarsh.ayachit @cory.quammen may know more.

The screenshot shows there is no pvNVIDIAIndeX on my mac client after connection.
VTKmFilters is followed by VortexFinder in Plugin Manager of my mac client (right column).

Yes, this is what I mean, not supported with a MacOS client.

Okay. Thank you for replying.

This use case will be supported by the NVIDIA IndeX plugin in the upcoming ParaView 5.10. From the release notes:

A limited “remote rendering only” version of the NVIDIA IndeX plugin is now available for macOS, making it possible to connect a macOS ParaView client to a remote pvserver running Linux and rendering with NVIDIA IndeX there. The plugin does not support local rendering on macOS and an error will be printed when the user tries to enable the “NVIDIA IndeX” representation locally.

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Thank you for your comment.