Using paraview I want to draw a two-dimensional polarization vector

I hope you can answer this question for me.
I exported the VTK 2d vector image through Comsol.I want to rework the vector images by doing paraview.But you end up with a different image than you had in comsol.
This picture is what I want it to look like.But after paraview opens it, it becomes what it looks like below

I hope to get your help and guidance.
Thank you.

please share your dataset

The following is my data set for your guidance
极化矢量箭头.txt (96.9 KB)

I added a part of the data set so you don’t have to download the previous file

Can you share a statefile or a screenshot of your pipeline browser ?


Can you share your .vtu ? How do you create this .vtu file ?

I think the main problem is that you need to set the Orientation Array for the Glyph filter. If the Glyph filter is not letting you set the Orientation Array, then you probably first have to create a vector from scalar fields using the calculator filter.

I could not read your text file into ParaView directly, but I was able to process it enough to make a csv file that I got into ParaView. Below are a state file that demonstrates your data with orientated glyphs and the data file I loaded into ParaView.

polarized_vector_arrow.pvsm (344.8 KB)
polarized_vector_arrow.csv (31.7 KB)

Here is the output I got: