Using Plot over line

I am Sateesh, a research scholar from India. I am new to ParaView. I am using Paraview version 5.7.0-RC2 in windows 10 desktop. I am doing micromagnetic simulations using mumax3 software.I am trying to measure size of the vortex(i.e., the diameter of the circular ring where m_z = 0) and distance between center of the vortex to center of the magnetic disk using plot over line function. I have few questions related to using plot over line. Could you please help me out.

  1. How to change change center of the system(i.e., origin coordinates) from corner to center of the magnetic disk?

  2. If I use plot over line to measure size of the vortex, I am getting gaussian curve for the variables x and m_z. How to measure directly the distance between two consecutive m_z = 0 points from the graph? (Using cursor I am unable to fix the points accurately)

I am attaching an output file for your reference.m000004.vts (928.8 KB)

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