Using programmable filter to get time averaged values

Dear all,

I have a question that is about post-processing using Paraview to extract time-averaged values.

For my simulations (using fenics) of flow in the human aorta I am currently calculating the instantaneous wall shear stress (WSS) values at the surface of the geometry.
Now, additionally I would like to calculate the time averaged wall shear stress and the oscillating shear index.


My WSS values for every timestep are saved to a timeseries .xdmf file that points to a h5 file.
In paraview I can access the WSS values for every timestep by reading this .xdmf file.

I would like to average these WSS values over one cardiac cycle.

Would it be possible to use Programmable Filter to compute the oscillating shear index (OSI) and time averaged Wall Shear Stress (Tawss)? Perhaps, could you refer me to an example of how to use this filter for a purpose such as this?

Thank you in advance for your time.

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As an alternative to using programmable filter, there is a TemporalStatistics filter for this task. This could compute the average value of WSS over time of each point.
Filters > Temporal > Temporal Statistics