Using ResampleWithDataSet in a Python script

I have a python script and would like to resample my vtk 2D results to an array of 100 points with x, y, and z (z=0 for all). I’d like to use ResampleWithDataSet, but I am getting errors. Can you please help me to find out my mistake?

I appreciate your kind help.
My code is as follows

from paraview import numpy_support as ns
from paraview.simple import *

DesPoints = points # points = [[x1,y1,z1],[x2,y2,z2],.....,[x100,y100,z100]]
probeResults = []
reader = OpenDataFile()
probe = ResampleWithDataSet(SourceDataArray=reader, DestinationMesh=DesPoints)
reader.FileNames = file_path #.\file.vtk
data = servermanager.Fetch(probe)