Using RuledSurfaceFilter in Paraview

I’ve got a set of curves in space that follow a tube-like pattern, and I want to connect the lines with surfaces to create a solid walled tube. After some investigation, I found the RuledSurfaceFilter in VTK, but was disappointed to see that it isn’t on the list of Paraview filters accessible in the GUI. I worked out a python script to load in my curves, apply the RuledSurfaceFilter, and plot the surface in a vtk (2.2 KB) However, I was wondering if there’s a way to export this surface into Paraview so I can work on smoothing it out and plotting other things with it.


Here is an example that writes out a vtp file that can be used in ParaView: (2.5 KB).

It is based on RuledSurfaceFilter, please note that this VTK Examples site is no longer being updated. A new site is coming soon.

Perfect, this was exactly what I needed. Thank you!