Using Slice View and or Orthographic Slice View layouts with tiff files

Dear all,
I have a 3D CT dataset in tiff format and I want to visualize in Paraview with Slice view or with orthographic Slice view. The size of the file that I want to visualize is 5 GB,
The problem is that whenever I try to open the file while I am using the Orthographic Slice view / Slice view layout the paraview crashes. Any recommendations of how I can use the aboce mentioned layouts with my dataset trere will be highly appreciated.
The PC specifications are
i9 7940X CPU at 3.10 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPU
Thanks in advance

Hello !

Do you get any errors when ParaView is crashing ? (try running it in the terminal)

Is the 5GB compressed size or raw data ? Could you try loading a part of the image ?

Hi Christos,
No I can not see any error window poping out in Paraview.
5GB is tiff 16bit of images. I tried to change them to 8 bit but does not seem to make it any better.
If I load only one slice It can open it in orthoview.

Is it possible to monitor the GPU memory usage (using nvtop) as you open the file in ParaView ? It can tell us if you are running out of GPU memory for some reason.

Thanks for the recomdendation IS the nvtop an additional software or it is part of paraview ?
It seems that is RAM program rather GPU program , I have open task manager to track the pefromance of the computer .

Sorry for not being specific. Here a link to the program. It is a GPU usage monitor.

Thanks I will have a look on that.