Using tetrahedra ids to plot triangulated data (xdmf)


I’m visualizing 3D field data over time using the xdmf format. Instead of applying Delaunay triangulation, I would like to exploit that I know the indexes for the tetrahedrals in the xdmf file (see below), but how do I apply this additional information in Paraview?


<Grid Name="mesh" GridType="Uniform">
	<Geometry GeometryType="XYZ">
		<DataItem DataType="Float" Dimensions="28989 3" Format="HDF" Precision="8">
			wavefield_pred[0.9  0.75 1.  ].h5:/data0
	<Topology TopologyType="Tetrahedron" NumberOfElements="2363">
		<DataItem DataType="Int" Dimensions="2363 4" Format="HDF" Precision="4">
			wavefield_pred[0.9  0.75 1.  ].h5:/data1

I learned from that if the cell is a polyhedron, the list of data describing each polyhedron is:

  • number of faces the polyhedron is made of
  • for each face: the number of nodes of the face, and, the (ordered) list of each index of each node

However, I still cannot get Paraview to construct the elements after making this change.