vector volume rendering error

I have vector component data U,V,W, that is on a lat,lon,lev grid that is equally spaced in lat,lon but has unequally spaced in lev.

Volume rendering any of the components is no problem. However, when we combine the components into a vector:


with output named, say,


I get the following error when trying to display the the vector magnitude of velo, using ‘Coloring’ → “Magnitude”,

(4787.414s) [paraview]vtkGPUVolumeRayCastMapp:360 ERR| vtkOpenGLGPUVolumeRayCastMapper (0x7ff1be695aa0): No scalars named "Magnitude" or with id -1 found on input.

The vector magnitude data should be no different than the individual components in terms of its structure - a scalar array on the origin grid.

If I artificially change the lev to be equally spaced, then this problem goes away, so the unequal spacing in lev does seem to be the problem.

Any thoughts on how to correct this situation?

Where in ParaView are you using that ?

In the python calculator, as per the paraview documentation

This is working perfectly here. Please share your dataset.