Vectors and streamlines representation

Hello community
I have a data file representing 3D grid with for each node x,y,z vector component and magnitude.
I would like to represent 3D vectors and, if feasible with this file, stream lines.
Could you guide me to use correct filters ? Or where can i find a detailled tutorial ?
Thanks in advance

Hi Chris,

The ParaView Tutorial is a great way to get introduced to ParaView and includes an exercise on creating streamlines and representing them in different ways. If you run through that tutorial and then have specific followup questions, please post them here.

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Hello Cory

Thanks for your answer and excuse me for delay, I was very busy this time.
In fact, it works really fine with downloaded sample (.ex2) and tutorial but my question is : I have file as described (3D grid with for each node an x,y,z, vector component and magnitude) in csv format but I didn’t find the way to apply filters on my data to have streamlines representation.

I can load them, visualize, sort but it looks unusable. What’s the way to do ?
I can’t generate .ex2 file as in example, is it indispensable to do ?

Many thanks for help

To convert CSV files into points with vectors, please use the Table to Points filter. The vector components will be added as point arrays. You can convert the vector components into a 3-component using the Calculator filter by setting the calculator expression to “iHatvx + jHatvy +kHat*vz” where vx, vy, vz are the names of the columns representing the 3 vector components in your CSV file.