Velocity data with Smokeview reader (FDS)

Hi everybody !

I got a problem by reading .q and .xyz files in ParaView. Every timesteps and variables are in a totally disorder on ParaView.
I’m here to understand how to modify the .q and .xyz file on FDS to make them readable on ParaView.

Here’s my code :

Also, it exist a .smv reader on ParaView but it seems not to be quite ready yet to read these file types.

Has anyone ever had the same type of problem?

Thank you,



Hi Alexandre,

Sorry for the late reply. The FDS reader in ParaView is still pretty new and does not support .q and .xyz files yet unfortunately.

For now, it supports:

  • Grid (domain)
  • Devices & HRR
  • Slices
  • Boudaries

As you said, it expects a .smv as input and will use it to read .sf, .bf or .csv files in the same folder.

It appears that .xyz (and probably .q) are extensions also used by other formats supported by ParaView, explaining why you should be able to select a reader to open them (but it will not work in your case).