Velocity not available for Coloring of Glyph - Potential bug or a feature?

(Reine Granström) #1


I posted a question on a ParaView forum on, and one of the replies I got from an experienced user suggested that I post a thread here to check whether the behaviour is a bug or a feature.

Please see the posts in this thread (starting from 2018-12-26 and onwards):

The issue is that the velocity magnitude is not available as a “Coloring” option for Glyph Arrows. A workaround, as described in the forum thread, is to add a Calculator filter with expression “mag(U)” to make the velocity magnitude scalar available as a option for “Coloring” in the Glyph settings.

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Reine Granström

(Tom Fahner) #2

Hi Reine,

Whenever I use the Glyphs for vector, there is a variable Glyph vector available for coloring. That is the original U vector typically. And then you can select the magnitude option.

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