Velocity streamlines around a bubble on a Quadtree Grid

Hi PViewers,

I have a 2D case of bubble rise. I make use of adaptive grid which is based on quadtree data structure. It’s an unstructured vtu format file (sample attached). I need to visualise the streamlines as shown below:

My grid looks like this:

A sample vtu can be found below
btree_00005000_0000.vtu (2.5 MB)

Not knowing what I am doing, I tried running the Cell Data to Point Data filter, then a Glyph filter and again (off of the Cell Data to Point Data filter) a streamline. Again, not knowing what I was doing, I used Velocity.



I uploaded the wrong file and didn’t made many things clear about the vtu file.

The bubble can be generated by first applying the “Cell data to point data” filter and then drawing the contour of the “VOF” field at 0.5. The streamlines are to be generated for the field “Velocity”.

Attached you can find the right vtu file and the statefile (pvsm) to reproduce the view.

btree_00050000_0000.vtu (3.9 MB)

bubble_streamline.pvsm (389.7 KB)

@wascott Though I was able to get the velocity vectors by using the Glyph tool but I am not able to get the streamlines as shown in the picture attached in my original post.

Can anyone help to set up the source and get the streamlines?

Follow the recipe provided in this thread; it is very close to what you want.