Velocity vector field (not appearing) in Paraview


I have created a wing design within StarCCM+ and was not able to view a velocity magnitude scene showing the vectors without using a plane section showing a 2D view of the velocity contours, after looking online Paraview was suggested to show 3D vectors. However, I still cannot get my wing to show velocity vectors it appears a solid blue the same way it did within StarCCM+. I have attached a screenshot and any help would be massively appreciated!

According to the legend on the right side, all your vectors have a magnitude of zero.
Can you share your data ?

Thank you for your response Mathieu,

What data do you need my lift and drag and flight conditions?

Which format is your data ? Which file are you opening here ?

The file I have opened within Paraview is .case. Exported through StarCCM+ where the wing model was used for CFD.

Please share your .case file and all files listed within your .case file.

This is my case file. I can also provide you with my StarCCM+ file if you need. (581 Bytes)

You need to share the following as well :

scalar per element: Pressure Simulation*****.Pressure
scalar per element: VelocityMagnitude Simulation*****.VelocityMagnitude
scalar per element: Velocityi Simulation*****.Velocityi
scalar per element: Velocityj Simulation*****.Velocityj
scalar per element: Velocityk Simulation*****.Velocityk
vector per element: Velocity Simulation*****.Velocity

My velocity is 19.7m/s in the x direction and reference pressure is 101325pa. I’m a complete newbie to Paraview so excuse me if I misunderstand.

You need to share the files i listed. Take a look into your files, it should contains files looking like that.

Ah you need the export variables! Sorry, find them attached. I have another file named .geo is this required too? It exceeds the upload limit size.

Simulation00000.Velocityj (922.0 KB) Simulation00000.Velocityk (922.0 KB) Simulation00000.VelocityMagnitude (922.0 KB) Simulation00000.Velocityi (922.0 KB) [Simulation00000.Velocity|attSimulation00000.Pressure (922.0 KB) achment]
Simulation00000.Velocity (2.7 MB)

I just want to share this image, this is something that I am trying to achieve.

The .geo file is needed. You can share it with a file sharing website.

I hope that link works.

You need to give access, I just requested it.

Your velocity is indeed zero everywhere in the data you sent :

huh… that is really strange, I have just ran another simulation and get the result in the snapshot, I have exported the variables again if you wouldn’t mind taking a look.

Once again, you need to give access.