Vertex data and point IDs


I have uploaded a large point cloud into ParaView. After masking some of the points I have then generated a 3D Delaunay triangulated volume. From this I want data on the coordinates of the vertices and the vertices that make up each tetrahedral. I have seen that the spreadsheet view allows me to create txt files with this information. I wanted to know if there is anyway I can show the vertices that compose the tetrahedral with the new point IDs rather than the original. I also am not able to display vertex data within this view and was wondering if there is a way to do that.
Thank you

There is no straightforward way to see the vertices that connect a tetrahedron in ParaView. One trick you can do is to select a single tetrahedron and then open the Find Data pqFindData dialog. In the Find Data dialog select to Show the Point(s) (using the combo box about halfway down right above the spreadsheet). The first column will give the IDs of the vertices connecting the selected tetrahedron.

I’m confused by the question a bit. Do you want:

  1. Given a tetrahedron, see the points that define the tetrahedron’s geometry.
  2. Given a point, see the tetrahedron that use that point to define their geometry.

Number 1 is available in the Spreadsheet view by choosing Cell Data and then clicking on the {…} button at the top of that view. For number 2, refer to Ken Moreland’s answer.