Vertical profile of salinity for 1D model run - axis orientation

Dear ParaView forum,

I am animating my model results (converted to netcdf). My model run is a simple 1D run, of two water masses, with different salinity, interacting and mixing over a slope.

At, say, x0 = 0.5*Lengtht_x I want to extract a vertical profile of salinity (S):

                           `S(x=x0, z, t)`

The vertical coordinate is discretized (99 vertical layers) and in the datafile I have attached, I have 20 time-steps. What I did so far, when trying to plot a profile, is not satisfactory as I have salinity on my vertical axis, and x (or depth) on horizontal axis. Instead I want depth on vertical axis and salinity on (top) horizontal axis.

How can I achieve this? Can I pick more extraction points? Or just once at the time?
Note: For future runs, vertical level heights might fluctuate significantly (here, almost constant over time).

Thank you so much for dedicating time to my question


  1. [] actual dataset, netcdf. The variable to be animated and extracted: “Salk” (make sure you are NOT using shperical coords when importing it; use second netcdf type of reader: “NetCDF Reader”)
  2. [] programmable filter to remap time-varying coordinate of vertical levels AND to rotate domain (from x,y to x,z). The fiilter should be copy-pasted into the programmable filter “script” section. Once applied, chose xz view instead of xy view. (4.0 MB) (674 Bytes)