View interactivity in pvpython

I’m a huge fan of paraview (so many possibilities).
I’ve developped a small user interface in python to simplify the use of paraview for my colleagues.
It’s working pretty well but i still haven’t found out :

  • how to select (points or cell) interactively through a view generated from python (without paraview Gui)?
  • Is it possible to display the clipping widget in my python view (i dream about it) ?
  • how to start a paraview instance and connect it to a pvserver from the command line (I haven’t found any help on paraview.exe command line arguments?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Not supported afaik.

I’m not sure that is supported. It should be imo.

Hi Hugo,

All of what you want to do from Python is possible and has been done in various ParaViewWeb based application. Unfortunately most of those are close source but you should be able to find a starting point in our open source protocol file here for widgets and for selections. Those may be buggy/broken but should be plenty to get you started.



Thank you for your answers, i’ll take a look to that.

I’ve looked to paraview lite, it seems really interesting, easy to deploy, and to customize.
Is it possible to bind python from it?
I’m thinking about moving my python interface to a custom paraview lite and keep my paraview process in python.