View mode shapes - Error opening file &returned failure for request

Dear reader,

I am new to ParaView. I am playing around with OpenFast ( NREL open-source wind turbine simulation tool) and trying to visualize different states.
Some representations work really well :slight_smile:
However, now I am trying to visualize mode shapes with the help of this file: “ED_Surfaces.pvsm”.

Unfortunately, I only receive errors. Please note the attached files.

Does anyone has a hint for me?


I am using “ParaView 5.12.0-RC1” on a Windows 10 PC

ED_Surfaces.pvsm (3.4 MB)
ParaView_error_message.txt (29.3 KB)
5MW_Land_ModeShapes.Mode1.LinTime1.Blade2Surface.001.vtp (1.0 MB)

Works fine in ParaView 5.12.0 on Linux

Try updating to an actual release ?