View Stuck in Plan View


For some reason, after plotting a 3d point data set, at certain times, the view gets stuck in plane view and i cannot rotate with the mouse anymore. I can still view from different sides, top, bottom etc. any idea how to change this?

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@fanfan said :

I solved the issue for some reason it was setting to 2D when pressing apply for filters

This is a typical issue and we should improve user interface here.

now i know how to solve this problem but it cause me to force paraview to stop and restart many times. usually happens when doing table to points.

This is not supposed to happen. If you have a crash or a hang, please provide steps to reproduce.

What is happening (black box explination here - I have not been in the code) is that Paraview finds a dataset that has variable X, Y and/or Z in two axes. The third axis has non variation - i.e., the data is in a plane. It then moves into 2d mode (as you found). This is causing issues in some cases, for instance if you have a thin flat plate, and then at time not 0, fire a bullet into it. This has been written up here: and is under development. Hopefully, it will make ParaView 5.7, but we will see.

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