Viewing boundary patch in CGNS files


I have a CGNS file divided into 200 zones. Some of these zones have additional boundary patches, including possibly an “AIRFOIL” boundary patch. I only want to display the airfoil.

In Ensight, this is easy. I load my file, I hide all parts, then search AIRFOIL parts only, select, and show.

In Paraview, I load up my file, and look at properties. “Hierarchy”, “Grids”, and “Patches” only have the 200 zones listed. The Multiblock Inspector lets me see which zones have patches, but not what those patches are (nor do I see a convenient search+hide or search+show feature, and it looks as if I can only show or hide entire zones regardless of whether the “Patches” checkbox for that zone is selected).

Any idea how I can find my AIRFOIL patches?