Visualisation of a raw data containing 18 scalars per voxel


I’ve got an .raw file that I can open in paraview as a 3D image.
For each voxel, I’m having 6 directions (1 by face) and each direction corresponds to 3 floats.
So it leads to 18 scalar values by point.

Is there a filter or something to extract the 6 directions ? (after that I would be able to add a glyph arrow on that).

You’ll find a sample file attached : data extent is 0-29 ; 0-29 ; 0-29 ; float type and 18 as number of scalar.

Thanks all by advance if you have any idea !

30_30_30_6x3scalars_float32bits.raw (1.9 MB)

Xdmf file format is compatible with HDF5 or raw binary file, so you may want to create an xmf file like the one below, and specify this xmf file to load the raw file into ParaView.
30_30_30_6x3scalars_float32bits.xmf (5.9 KB)