Visualisation of quadratic cells


So I’m working with visualising a hemisphere partitioned into triangular cells.

How can i visualise the curved edges? I’ve tried using the Extract Surface-filter with Nonlinear Subdivision Level, but i do not want the edges of “internal” subdivisons to be shown (see attached figure).

Is there a way in ParaView to interpolate to curved edges, without adding “internal” edges in the cells?


Try the Nonlinear Subdivision Level under the Miscellaneous options. By default it is 1 since most people use straight-edged cells but for higher-order cells you can increase that value to show the curvature of the cells. Note that rendering does become more expensive in this case but that’s expected because there’s more work to do per cell.

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Thank you very much, Andy. That sure did the trick.

Rendering cost is no issue here, since I’m only generating figures for quite small models (more involved than the illustration above though).

Again, thanks and have a great day!

Glad to hear that it’s working properly for you now. Most people that are using higher order cells are more than comfortable with the higher cost per cell due to also getting higher accuracy per cell. As a side note you may want to look at other relatively recent developments inside of VTK and ParaView related to higher order cells:

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