Visualization issue for Ensight Gold imported data


I have a visualization issue with an imported CFD data from STAR CCM solver. The data is imported into Paraview 5.7 by using Ensight Gold Case. The CFD data is the flow past a cylinder and there is a visualization problem while showing some parameters like Pressure or Temperature. The reference visualization made in Star CCM is this one, where the pressure field varies smoothly:

Unfortunatelly, this data is far to be displayed in a smooth manner in Paraview:

In fact, even if I change the color discretization levels (let’s say, to 100 or even more), there are still very discrete color regions and NOT a smooth visualization. I have the feeling that it may be related to an accuracy limitation but i’m not sure how to manage that

Can you please give me some clues to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance


PS: please find the Ensight Gold data here:

When ParaView got the data, the values have already lost their precision.

This precision loss is either due to the Star CCM ensight writer or the VTK ensight reader.

Are you able to read the ensight file in Star CCM to see if you still have your precision ?

Hello Mathieu,

Thanks for your answer. I cannot open the EnsightGoldCase back in Star CCM, so I couldn’t check that. However, I found this VTK thread ( which confirms that Ensight Gold Case does not support double precision. So, it is not a Paraview related problem.

Thanks again


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