Visualization using streamlines and contours

Hi, I have a magnetic field vector (Bx, By, and Bz) and a scalar flux function (PhiZ) that I am trying to visualize using paraview. I need streamlines of magnetic field as flux tubes and contours of PhiZ along the end planes.

I am able to make the flux tubes but the contour does not work. The contour filter was activated after using Glyph filter but no contours show up. Can someone help please? Here is the data file attached:

Use the Cell Data to Point Data filter to convert the PhiZ field to point data. Then the contour filter will be available to contour it.

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Hi Kenneth, thank you for your reply. Yes, it worked and the contours are visible now.

I’m glad that works. One more thing to mention. If you need to contour cell data a lot, you can go to ParaView settings and turn on the Auto Convert Properties, then ParaView will allow you to run filters like Contour directly on cell data like yours. It basically will run Cell Data to Point Data internally for you.

If you are wondering why ParaView does not have this option all the time, it is because the operation of converting cell data to point data has the effect of smoothing the data a bit. Because there is this side effect on your data, ParaView won’t do it unless you explicitly ask.

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Hi Kenneth, this is very useful information for someone like me who is new to paraview. Thanks a ton.