Visualizations of wave breaking

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I am a beginner in using Paraview for visualizing wave breaking. I would like to use Paraview with an input file that contains volume fraction data for all cells at their centers, where 0 represents air and 1 represents water (as vti file format).

I have attempted to visualize the data using Paraview, and the results are as follows:

“Clip:Scalar for interface, 0.5”, “Extract Surface”, “Generate Surface Normal”, “OSPRay pathtracer”

I am seeking advice on which features or functionalities I should utilize to achieve the desired results, which can be seen in the example provided.

Thank you very much.



Add a CellDataToPointData before the Clip and use material “Glass_Water”


Thanks for your response and suggestion.

I really appreciate you letting me know about the Material Editor and all the handy built-in settings it offers. It sounds like a great tool that can help me achieve the visualization I’m aiming for.

Now, I’ll dive into understanding and applying the concepts related to the light source.

Once again, thanks a bunch for your valuable input.

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