Visualize 3D mesh and displacements

I am new to Paraview and am unsure about its capabilities. I have the nodal coordinates and a connectivity table of a 3D mesh and want to read it into Paraview to visualize. I also have nodal displacements associated with each node. I would like to end up with a contour plot of the nodal displacements on the 3D mesh. Is this possible in Paraview? I’ve tried to write a Tecplot file, but could not find the right syntax for the Zone line. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

In which format is your data ?

Everything is in tables on MATLAB

Thanks! I’ve tried it out, but my problem is that my mesh elements are 8 node (hexahedron), and from my understanding this function can only handle tetrahedron elements. Any ideas?

Save as another format supported by both matlab and ParaView.