Visualize elements on Paraview


I want to plot some ‘elements’ (which correspond to the blue triangular pieces in the above figure) in Paraview. They are not mesh, they are more or like ‘wall’. I have (x,y,z) of the nodes, and each elements are defined by the number of nodes that it contains in counter-clockwise order.

While I already has VTK version of the particles (the purple dots in the figure), I don’t know how to import the elements to VTK.

And for the next step, I will use 'wall’s that are generated by commercial mesh-generator (e.g. SALOME) which will look like the following.


If I have all the nodes, and the nodes contained in the elements, how could I plot it on the ParaView?

Let’s see if I can help you. You have all the nodes in (x,y,z). Then just generate an Unstructured Grid with Cells type 9 (Quad) joining those nodes, like this:

You can also use plain text with ASCII Unstructured Grid (more info. in File Formats
for VTK Version 4.2 // Taken from The VTK User’s Guide Kitware)