Visualize one streamline from streamlines.

Hello Everyone,
This may sound silly. I am new to ParaView. Can anyone help me with how to visualise 1 streamline (user’s wish) from streamlines?. Thanks in advance.

Two possibilites:

  1. Use seeds with a single point
  2. Extract the cell corresponding to a single streamline.
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Thanks for your comment. It helped me. Do you know how to extract the scalar/vector values of the dataset through which the streamline passes through?

I need to plot the scalar value against the length of the streamline. Can you help me in this regard?

They already have been extracted and are available on the streamlines.

I need to plot them in 2D graph. X axis - Length of the streamline, Y axis - Scalar values.

Then create a LineChartView and plot them.

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Hello Mathieu,
Is it possible to vary the length of streamlines while using the filter “Stream Tracer with Custom Source” just like in while using the filter “Stream Tracer”? Thanks in advance.

They are the same filter, so yes.