Visualize rotating cubes with rounded corners


I’m simulating a problem involving rigid-body rotations. Specifically, I have two cubes with rounded corners colliding with each other. Knowing their center-of-gravity (x,y,z) and orientation (a,b,c), how to visualize them in Paraview?

Currently, I output the raw data in csv format, read them into Paraview, run the table to points filter, then run the glyph filter (box) with orientation specified by one vector. However, there are two problems here. First, the box doesn’t have rounded corners. Second, to fully specify the orientation, three vectors (or a rotation matrix) are required. How do I realize this in Paraview?

I can change the data format or write extra scripts if needed. Thank you in advance!


My current solution is to generate the mesh for each rounded cube then load them into Paraview. Not very convenient when you have a lot of cubes at each time step, because the time is frozen. Perhaps one can write a script to move the pointer in the desired way.