Visualize trajectories of over a million coordinates over 1000 time steps

I have a numpy array with the 3-dimensional coordinate information for over a million particles for around 1000 time steps. Is it possible to use ParaView to visualize the transient motion of those particles in 3D?

Hi @sb50nemo ,

Yes, but it depends on the format of your data.


Dear Mathieu (@mwestphal),

Many thanks for your reply. I am very happy to know that it is possible.

Currently, the format of our data is numpy (.npy). It is in tabular form: with the x,y, and z values for each particle for 1000 different time steps.
For eg. (t=1), (x1, y1, z1), (x2, y2, z2) … (xn, yn, zn)
(t=1000), (x1, y1, z1), (x2, y2, z2) … (xn, yn, zn)

Is this format accessible by ParaView or should it be transformed?
Since this is a numpy array, we can transform the data which could be used by ParaView.

Could you please share some examples with me for a similar problem or for multiparticle visualization on ParaView? It would be highly helpful.

Thank you.


Not directly, but you should be able to read it very easily with a python programmable source.

You could also transfrom it into .csv files.

Yes, I can transform the npy into csv. Could the trajectories then be visualized by ParaView?

Yes, create one .csv per timestep, with columns like this:

X Y Z field1 field2 fieldN
  • Then open the yourFile....csv in paraview,
  • add a TableToPoints filter and select the correct XYZ fields, press Apply
  • Press play