Visualize used defined .ply properties with paraview

Hello there,

I have a .ply file with a user-defined property for each vertex. The property is a float value that is supposed to show the intensity of a particular vertex. Is there any elegant way to display this value in paraview following a heat map for instance ?


Just color the data using this array ?

Hi Matthieu, thanks for your suggestion,

This is indeed what I did as a workaround. However my original data is a deformation intensity between 0-10, and Paraview seem to round the value to the closest int (7.2434 = 7). This means I have to rescale values to properly visualize it, which in turn means I ‘loose’ my original information (for instance I cannot click on a point and check its deformation value). I can of course add a customer value to the .ply to save the original result, but this one is not recognized by Paraview.

I was wondering if it would be possible to read this intensity directly maybe ?

please share your data

File with color scaling

File with only deformation:

The custom float property is called ‘deformation’

Your deformation data does not seems to be read at all here.

Could you precise what you mean/what you would expect ? The deformation data are calculated by another colleague.

FYI: the whole process is as follow. The deformation is calculated pixelwise on a nifti image. An STL mesh is also generated from it. The deformation is then interpolated for each node of the mesh using the ITK interpolator, and the value is saved for each node. For visualisation, the deformation is normalized between -100 and +100.

When I open the provided file, it does not contain the deformation at all, only points (and color for the first file). Looking at the file it seems to contains deformation field but it is not read by ParaView, so I’m confused by your initial post.

Thanks for your input.

Indeed, the deformation values are not recognized by Paraview and I would like to know if there is a way to visualize it directly without scaling on the RGB channels. This is what I referred to when I mentioned ‘user-defined properties of vertex’ in my original post, sorry if it was not very clear.

If there is another way to code the deformation field that can be easily recognized by Paraview, I am very interested to hear about it

I’m afraid this look like a limitation of the ply reader in VTK/ParaView. Easy to fix for a C++ dev though.

I am afraid I am not.

For reference, a workaround is simply to convert the .ply to a vtk using meshIO and the different properties are correctly recognized by Paraview.

Thanks for your support!