Visualizer - Dynamic -data "{dataDir}" does not work in multiples instances


I have successfully installed the environment with docker in a virtual machine

I have a web client that uses Visualizer, each user tells to Visualizer which -data {dataDir} have to use but I’m struggling with that, its like visualizer married with the first --data {dataDir} that receives

This is my case, I have 2 users the first one do the request to visualizer with the dataDir = /opt/wslink-launcher/shared/specialist , it open well I can render all the files

But when I log in the other user dataDir = /opt/wslink-launcher/shared/specializ the visualizer in the part of files it show me /Home and nothing else

if I try the same but in a different order with the same users, I have the same result the second one shows me the /Home folder

This is my template.json

And to do the dynamic replace of {dataDir} i modified the , in the createSession function i added the key “dataDir” to the replaceList

And this is the call that my client does

So my question is, I’m missing out some configuration to have a proper dynamic -data ??

or is working as intended?

I dunno what else I could do

Thank you in advance!

I’m guessing you are creating your own docker image?
Is it based on the ParaViewWeb one? If so the session URL in your launcher config is not ideal.

The one that you can base your code from can be found here

Then the only thing that you need to do is remove that line in your config.

Then when you load your Visualizer you can pass the dataDir in the URL like that ...?dataDir=/data/user1.

That’s it, nothing more really.