Visualizing a subset of a 3D volume rendering

I am trying to generate a volume rendering of a 128^3 dataset. Though I am able to generate a volume rendering of the whole dataset, I am unable to do so for a selected region, for ex:
[1:126]x[1:126]x[1:126](I want to exclude the boundaries while generating the rendering).

Thanks in advance

In the Programmable Filter, there is a way to extract a specific region by calling the vtkExtractVOI function.

In the Programmable Filter, fill in the followings and Apply.

  • RequestInformation Script´╝Ü
from paraview import util

voi = [1,126,1,126,1,126]
util.SetOutputWholeExtent(self, voi)
  • Script:
import vtk

voi = [1,126,1,126,1,126]

input = self.GetInputDataObject(0, 0)
extract = vtk.vtkExtractVOI()

I am unable to find the prompt for RequestInformation Script. I tried the extract subset filter in pararview, but it showed me the error:

Inconsistent types of vtkUniformGrid

vtkOverlappingAMR (0x14cba70): Inconsistent types of vtkUniformGrid

Sorry, I forgot that there is an Extract Subset filter with the same function as vtkExtractVOI. If you want to apply the Extract Subset filter to a vtkOverlappingAMR, you will need to convert the data to Image Data with the Resample To Image filter.