Visualizing CFD results like in FluidX3D



Sorry for the beginner’s question :slight_smile:

I’ve generated VTK files containing velocity (u) in FluidX3D and would like to get it visualized like in the video.

Could you please advise me on the proper way to do it?
Perhaps there are already some presets or “standard ways” that can be used?

Which format does FluidX exports to ?

Please share your data.

Thank you, @mwestphal

That’s VTK.

Please find the data on Paraview - Google Drive

Just sharing the relevant picture.

Here you go, with some VolumeRendering + isosurface.

Streamlines looks nice too:

Thank you, @mwestphal.
I’m looking for a way to visualize the Q-Criterion isosurface.
Maybe you can advise me on how to do it?

Q Criterion can be computed using the Gradient filter.