visualizing field data

Hi All,

Which is the best viewer to visualize field data added to Polydata. I have a .vtkjs file that has four polygons and each polygon has a stringarray added to the polygon’s fielddata.

Which viewer can I use to visualize field data? Paraview Glance does not recognize the field data.

four_walls.vtkjs (1.3 KB)

This is how I am adding a string array to Polydata.

My guess is that we don’t decode string data from the vtp format. The string arrays could be represented on the JS side but I think the main issue is that we did not enable the bridge between the vtk xml format into the vtk.js datasets.

I think it would be just a matter of implementing the handling of string array in the xml format.

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Hey @jourdain,

That’s good to know. Will Paraview Glance pick field data if it had other than stingarray? say IntArray?

Yes if they are set on points or cells.

What happens if I add one or several arrays on a Polydata object as field data?

All arrays remains available. For FieldData (not PointData or CellData), Glance does not expose them but they are available on the datasets. We could add an option to list them in the fields drop down.