Visualizing results in slice, not smooth enough.

Hello, I’m trying to visualize the velocity field on a slice I created from a 3D CFD steady simulation. The problem is that the results, although appear pretty good, there are points where you can clearly see the transition between the finer and the coarser mesh zones. I attach an image of the issue and an image of the mesh, which should have enough resolution. Is there any way to change the interpolation settings or something to reduce these artefacts? I have tried the smooth filter but doesn’t seem to work. (It reads the data as “point data”).

Thank you!!!

Please share your data

Hello. Which data do you need me to share? :slight_smile:

This data

It is an Encase Gold file, I exported it from Ansys Fluent in this format since is the one that does not give me problems.

The .geo file is pretty heavy to share it i think. It does not even let me upload the .vel file.

You can use